VAGUS NERVE – the key to remaining calm when you are stressed

The Vagus (wandering nerve) plays a critical role in our mental and physical health. From regulating digestion, heart rate, respiration. Facial expressions, eye contact. Connecting to vital organs, from the brain, heart, lungs, liver, stomach, calming our organs after a stress response.

Trauma and chronic stress can cause its activity to become reduced or suppressed leading to a multitude of health issues from inflammation in the gut, to depression.

Craniosacral therapy directly addresses the vagus nerve, to help shift the body out of its stress state and into a calmer one.

At home you can help to improve your vagus nerve function through:

  • Daily movement, yoga and exercise
  • Cold showers
  • Humming or singing

** Please note this is not a substitute for medical advice so do ensure you have discussed your symptoms with your doctor before embarking on any form of exercise or change of regimen.**