He wanted what I thought was impossible – but it worked.

He wanted what I thought was impossible – but it worked.

“I am in agony… I tore my rotator cuff…I need to see you urgently.”
This was how many of my client relationships began.

I booked him in. No problem, I thought, I can help reduce the inflammation, ease the pain. 🤕

But then I saw him.

For ease let’s call him The Cuban. (He actually was.)

The Cuban had been shot. (Not that day fortunately for me.) He had banged up his knee badly and it was permanently swollen, there were metal plates in his spine, he had trouble walking and was on a waiting list for a very serious and urgent surgery that had been postponed due to covid, couldn’t sleep…and the list went on. The rotator cuff tear was the cherry on the cake. He was frustrated he was no longer able to live his best life. And this towering 6ft 2” debonair gentleman in his 60’s was in excruciating pain.

“I think you need a surgeon, doctors, physio, hydrotherapy, a team.” I tried to talk him out of seeing me.

Three times.

He had been down that route. The Cuban had the finances and access to some of the best doctors in the country. Many private surgeries and disappointments later he had by some alchemy found me.

The Cuban looked at me sternly with one finger pointed and authoritatively declared:

“No! I know YOU can help me! I’m in your hands.”


Checking off code of ethics, crossing t’s and dotting i’s and yes – saying a Hail Mary, I agreed to work with him.

In the coming weeks and months, as I tuned into his system his body began to tell me its story. The Cuban was a charismatic jovial man. A wealthy entrepreneur who used to hang with the rat pack, A listers, the champagne, the fights, every experience was etched in his system as it began to unfold, release, and resolve.

He turned up to every session. On time. 🕙 He gave me the privilege of complete trust. When things weren’t working we tried something else.

Faced with such unwavering belief in my abilities I began to up my game. He had commit to the process. So I commit to the process. Not just in clinic but outside it. Anything I couldn’t do that was required – I learned.

It wasn’t always pretty, healing never is. Mentally and physically he hit roadblocks, new injuries due to life, emotional setbacks, I hit roadblocks, but we stayed the course and he continued to improve. Looking back it seems dramatic. But the weekly changes were incremental. He managed to avoid certain surgeries altogether!

Like Tom Hank’s remaining FedEx parcel in Castaway, we said we’d go for dinner to celebrate when he had achieved his big goal. A year since he started his journey with me the day has come!

When you commit to a process, and invest in your health, there’s no limit to what can be achieved.

Anything is possible.